How To Privatise Public Services – The Coalition Way

This was originally intended to be tongue-in-cheek…


…but as time goes by it seems more and more that Cameron and Clegg have actually adopted this strategy to privatise the NHS, the police, education and – if they have their way – all other public services. Deliberate cherry-picking of negative information, rather than emphasising the overall picture, is a particularly corrosive aspect of the Coalition’s approach.

A particularly disturbing aspect of the government’s approach is that it was not made clear to the electorate during the 2010 general election that they were planning complete privatisation of the NHS. Indeed, Michael Portillo has pointed out that the Conservatives knew they couldn’t spell out their plans as they realised that if they did they wouldn’t be elected.

So we have a Conservative led government, with enthusiastic support from Liberal Democrat MPs (if not from many party members) forcing through a huge unmandated change which it is by no means certain will lead to improvements to the National Health Service.

To me, the fact that our MPs are able to win and abuse power in this way strikes at the very heart of our democractic process. I started this blog to discuss the idea that our system of government is no longer fit for purpose. The example of the coalition’s attack on the NHS demonstrates this is the case.

While you’re here, perhaps you’d like to take my (effectively) one question survey, which you can find here.


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