How to think about fixing government

I started this blog because I’m deeply concerned about the actions of our current coalition government. I was also very concerned about the actions of the last government.

I am dissolutioned with all the main political parties but I don’t think they are to blame for what’s going wrong. Instead, I suggest, we need to fix our currently broken system of government. I think the system is forcing parties to act in ways which aren’t in the best interests of the country as a whole or of voters. 

As I point out in the previous post, I know that fixing government is not a trivial undertaking, to say the least, but I hope that some useful ideas might come out of thinking about what might work better. Who knows, perhaps a party which faced up to some of the problems which run through our system and showed how it was going to fix them might actually win some votes.

Rather than just throw ideas around we need a way of structuring our thinking and my structure involves and I’m starting by identifying some ‘whats’. Things we want government to be like and do. For example, some ‘whats’ which occur to me are:

  • Thinking and acting long term, not only as far as the next election
  • Basing thinking on evidence and analysis, not ideology  
  • Being fair and being seen to be fair
  • Being honest and open, even when the truth hurts 

I can see already that some of these are potentially loaded but the devil is in the detail and I want to go on to identify some ‘hows’: ways of making some of these things happen.

Over to you. What do you want from government, regardless of which party is in power? 


One thought on “How to think about fixing government

  1. From the point of view of the ruling classes the system is working just fine. They are close to the totalitarian ideal ,with a minor glitch in that the public have the opportunity to play some minor role however limited to manage their own affairs.This is not about to change and to believe otherwise is understandable, but is a delusion.To answer your question ; I would ask for a bottom up system rather than the top down construct we suffer at present, but as aforementioned this will not be tolerated.


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